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I'll be posting cool updates about current projects and upcoming events here! So check back regularly, if you're stalking me.


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Nikki Limo Acting Reel

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January 15, 2018

Funny story is going to slamdance!

...And so am I! 

Last June, I got to work on a movie with some very talented people called Funny Story. It stars Emily Bett (Arrow), Matt Glave (The Wedding Singer), and Jana Winternitz (The Thinning). About a washed up TV star who accidentally continues to ruin the life of his daughter. You can read more about it Here. It will be making it's world premiere at Slamdance Film Festival on January 21, 2018.


The movie is directed by my long time friend and talented human, Michael Gallagher.  It also happens to have been co-written and executive produced by my husband, Steve Greene. So we will BOTH be packing up our snow clothes (that one jacket in my LA closet), and heading to Park City, Utah for the annual event to do a Q&A with the rest of the cast.

December 6, 2017

Catch me on abc's "Speechless"

Premiering tonight at 8:30pm! 

Okay, so I'm no stranger to getting to experience some pretty cool things (hashtag blessed), but this one makes 12 year old me squeal a bit. 

After watching my fair share of Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob growing up, never did I think I would be acting on TV with one of my idols. Excuse fan girl me as I gush about getting do work with Kevin Smith on screen for a few moments. He is just as nice as he is funny.

Anyway, this show was super fun to work on. Great cast, fun director and crew. It also promotes the new Star Wars movie coming out next week, so go watch it! Or DVR it! Or watch it next week on Hulu! I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.

September 30, 2017

Just wrapped on "The f*ck happened"

And I already miss everyone!

Working on a movie is so much fun, but I also tend to get super attached to the cast and crew. You spend so many hours together for weeks at a time, sometimes months, getting very close to one another like you're at adult summer camp, and then... it's over. 

This movie was no exception. Directed by my long time friend Tony E. Valenzuela, and produced by Laff Mobb, this story comes three ways from three friends recounting their own versions of what happened that night during one of the craziest parties they've ever been to. It's raunchy, it's crazy, and it was super fun to be part of.

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