Hi, I'm Nikki Limo. I just want to do a good job.

Nikki Limo is an actress and hates talking in the 3rd person... I don't know how to write a bio.

When I moved to LA to pursue an acting career, social media hadn't even been invented yet. Well, I mean, we had MySpace. But that's it. 'Nuff said. The world of "influencers" and "YouTube stars" definitely were not titles circling the entertainment industry. Currently, we're in sort of a wild west of entertainment, with digital criss-crossing over into traditional and vice versa, and I feel like I'm right in the middle of it.

I am still an actor, a comedian, and a writer, but I'm now also myself. A vlogger, a creator, a personality on YouTube and social media. Someone putting their life on the web, and sharing vulnerable moments of the human experience with the public. Yikes. Super scary, and super thrilling. So, here's a collection of all the things I do, in one place. Hopefully it's easy to navigate. I've never made a website before.

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